5 Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right House Removal Company – What to Know

Transitioning from one phase to another can be one of the most challenging yet vital parts of anyone’s life. This is why moving from one place to another or from one country to another can result in such a stressful experience. There will be many aspects to consider – job opportunities, children’s education, and not to mention moving all your valuable possessions. In these situations, this is where the need for a house removal service company comes into the picture.

A house removal service company will help transfer everything you need to your new place. If you are looking for the right house removal service company in Liverpool, here are five crucial factors to consider:

1. Services

Keep in mind that there’s a handful of house clearance and removal service companies in Liverpool. This is why you need to know what their specific services include and what works for your moving needs. Most companies would offer various services, such as storage, packing, dismantling, and moving your belongings. 

If you have many items and belongings to move, a house mover can do the job for you and help you save much time and effort in the process. That said, choose one that provides the right moving services that will suit your needs.

2. Moving Affiliations

Some house clearance and removal service companies in Liverpool are a part of a moving association. Being a part of a moving association means that the company has the license to operate and is recognized for providing high-quality, trustworthy moving services. 

That said, consider companies that are members of moving networks, such as IAM, FIDI, or BAR. Ultimately, you will want to work with a highly reputable moving company with good affiliations so that you’ll only receive the best services from them.

3. Review Ratings  

When looking for the right moving company, always go for a company with an outstanding reputation. If you want to check the companies’ reputation, you can search online and check reviews from your prospect’s former clients and be highly critical of their review ratings. 

By doing so, you’ll have deeper insights into what the removal company is like. From there, you’ll be able to decide on a particular company that will work for your moving needs.

4. Domestic vs. International Removals

It’s crucial to check if a certain moving company offers domestic or international house removals. This is because some companies may only work within the locality or a particular country while others move valuables from one country to another. If you are transitioning to another part of the world, then you may need to work with a moving company that provides international house removal services.

5. Overall Cost

The overall cost of the moving service is a crucial aspect that will affect your decision. Of course, you will want to seal a deal with a company that offers an affordable service. Make sure, however, that you can take advantage of a cheaper service cost without compromising the quality of the services being provided. That said, obtain multiple quotes from several companies to see which suits your budget and moving needs.

Final Words

Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences in one’s life. For this reason, it’s best to think about the house removal process at least two months before the moving date and hire a house removal service company. When looking for the right one, consider the five factors outlined above, and you’ll be amazed at how a house removal service company can make everything go as smoothly as possible.

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5 Ways Clutter Can Ruin Lives – What to Know

Experts say that clutter is a physical manifestation of a mental issue. However, rarely can one find the strength to let go of the things that were obtained in the quest for happiness. Clutter ruins lives.

If you can relate to such a vicious cycle, you clearly need help. Here are many ways clutter can ruin your life.

It increases cortisol levels, therefore increasing your stress.

Having too much stuff can either drain or frustrate you. The science behind this is that clutter bombards the human mind with excessive stimuli. The senses get overworked all the time on stimuli that are not necessary or relevant.

It triggers health issues.

One of the many health issues is the low quality of respiratory health. Clutter stores dust that wreaks havoc on an asthmatic person’s health. Pneumonia or bronchitis then follows when asthma is triggered and the airways inflamed. Clutter can cause severe breathing problems.

It puts your family’s life in danger.

Clutter is a fire hazard. They’re a sitting tinder that immediately catches fire. Moreover, they block windows and doors, making it hard for anyone to escape.

It is a mess that will contribute to failure in other aspects of life.

Studies have shown that clutter is closely related to procrastination. Someone’s inability to toss and sort through items because it takes time will also have a hard time facing essential decisions in life, such as paying bills on time. Severe procrastination is linked to depression and low self-esteem.

It decreases productivity and even puts you in debt.

A different study has shown that clutter affects a person’s productivity so bad that it renders the person incapable of focusing on a task. All the clutter that surrounds a person stand as a competition for every goal that must be accomplished within a given time.

Moreover, because you have too much clutter before you, you won’t be able to find critical little things, such as the electricity bill. As a result, you won’t be able to pay on time, and the penalties will accumulate.

You must seek help

If you’re facing a clutter problem, you shouldn’t be ashamed to seek help. Several de-cluttering experts can help you sort the things you need from the things you don’t. If you need help lifting heavy stuff, you can always hire professionals to do the clearing for you.

House clearance professionals will help you get rid of your clutter, fast. Their services will make the ordeal much easier for you to bear. Saying goodbye to stuff that have important accompanying memories, but aren’t useful any more can be easy. House clearance professionals can help you transition to a healthier life.


Clutter can ruin your life. It can also affect the lives of the people living with you. There’s no shame in seeking help if you have clutter problems. Get rid of your stuff one by one. If it’s too hard for you to accomplish, hire the services of a professional house clearance provider. They can help you clean out your property in an organized manner – get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Our Guide to Find the Right House Clearance Company – What to Know

Do you need to clear out your property? One of the most daunting tasks in the house is cleaning and clearing. However, if you need a property completely wiped up, don’t go through the trouble of doing it on your own. Let a house clearance company do it for you. 

Sometimes, it’s not easy to figure out if you need a house clearance company or not. The thought of possibly taking it too far with a company to do the house clearing for you may have crossed your mind, which somehow holds you back. There’s no need to pore over it for hours, days, or weeks. Here are some signs that you need a company for house clearance: 

  • Home renovation
  • Preparing the home for sale
  • Moving to a new home
  • More space requirements
  • House clearing for a family member

After figuring out that you really need a house clearance company, it’s time to move onto the next step. 

There are a lot of house clearance companies out there, which could get a bit overwhelming. Don’t settle for the first company that you see online. You have unique needs, so you need to choose a company that will be able to accommodate all of them.

When you do your research online, check out the websites of house clearance companies that you’re eyeing on, check out their social media accounts, and, most importantly, see what their customers have to say. You can easily find testimonials on the internet, and you can use this advantage to find the right company for you. 

List down at least three companies you find suitable for your needs. Schedule a consultation with them, whether via phone or at their physical office. Prepare a list of important questions, so you’ll get everything covered in one go. Here are some questions that you should ask from a house clearance company:

How long have you been in the industry?

Consider how long the clearance company has been in the industry, as this says a lot about their experience. It’s best to work with a company that has years of experience because it’s likely to be reputable. 

What are the tools you use for the job?

House clearance isn’t just about collecting items and putting them away. It’s also about doing the clearing safely and as efficiently as possible. Some tools and equipment that a good home clearance company must have are specialised trucks, bins, etc. 

Do you have a licence?

A good house clearance company must have a valid waste carriers licence. Additionally, their company must be registered with the Environment Agency. 

Do you have insurance? 

Insurance isn’t a legal requirement for home clearance companies; however, an insured company will give you peace of mind. 

What are your payment methods?

It’s best to choose a company that has several kinds of payment methods for your convenience. House clearing companies usually accept cheques, cash, and BACS transfer. 

How long is the clearance process? 

Normally, house clearing done by professionals will take a few hours to half a day to clear a standard home. Hire a house clearance company that can carry out the tasks in a timely manner. 

Now, you’re ready to get a house clearance company for your property. All you need to do is follow these tips an ask these questions, and you’re good to go!

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3 Tips for a Smoother House Clearance Process – Our Guide

Whether you are looking to clean up the clutter that has piled up over the years or preparing your home for a sale, the process of clearing your house can be stressful. House clearance can be a bit messy and challenging because it involves dealing with much junk and rubbish. There is no easy way to pack up and remove the mess, especially if the clearance involves downsizing or decluttering the house. 

If you want to have a smoother house clearance experience, here are three tips for you to keep in mind:

1. Formulate a plan ahead of time

Planning is an essential step to ensure a smooth house clearance process, in which you plan where to start and how to proceed. Check and estimate the amount of time you need to sort through the entire household–room by room. 

The rule of the thumb here is to allow at least 12 hours per room—based on two persons undertaking the cleaning process. It may sound like a time-consuming task, but giving ample time to go through each section creates a stress-free process.

2. Separate the items you want to keep from the ones you don’t

After you have finalized the amount of time and the schedule you need for the house clearance, you can then decide which items you want to keep and which ones are junk, for donation, or up for sale. You can use the traffic light system for categorizing these items—green for “bin/rubbish,” red for “keep,” and orange for “donate/sell.” 

Go through each room, label everything you see and be as thorough as possible. Make sure that you only use the red sticker only for the items that you want to keep and use. Once you have labelled everything, you can group those items with the same colours in one corner.

3. Make preparations for the clearance

Those in red labels can be put aside, and unless you are moving, you can hire a moving company to help you with that.

Below are three categories of items that you should consider:

  • Sell/donate

Selling is not only helpful in the house clearance process, but it can also help you earn revenue. Contact reputable auction services or antique buyers for valuable items, such as antiques, jewellery, or artworks. Less valuable ones like clothes, furniture, books, and crockery, can be sold on eBay, Gumtree, or Etsy. For donations, you can coordinate with local charity groups and social enterprises. Check with them what items you can donate since upholstered furniture needs to have a fire-safety certificate.

  • Get rid of

A skip bin company is a great option for hassle-free disposal of items. They can organize a collection of various waste products from household wastes (cardboard, broken toys, books, and magazines), green wastes (old pot plants, grass clipping, and dead plants), and old electronic units (fridges, computers, TV’s, and speakers) to old furniture (lounges, sofas, tables, and beds). Additionally, they can also help you with the right sorting process to ensure the best possible positive impact on the environment.

  • Dangerous and hazardous wastes

Items that are considered dangerous must be disposed of properly. These items, such as wet paint, carpet, oils, mattresses, liquid concrete, poisonous chemicals, and tyres, cannot be removed by a skip bin. Having them disposed of in the recycle bin or general waste bin is also not safe because they could be toxic, flammable, or explosive. Check with your local council first about their policies regarding dangerous and hazardous wastes disposal.

Hire a professional house clearance company in Liverpool

The process that is involved in house clearance is not simple, and this is where a professional house clearance company comes into the picture. One of the biggest advantages of hiring one is unique and comprehensive solutions to your needs. 

House clearance involves handling sensitive and fragile items, as well as odd-sized furnishings and dangerous and hazardous materials. It needs careful planning, which is why it is ideal to have a properly insured, reliable, and responsible company to carry out this task.

If you’re looking for house clearance services in Liverpool, get in touch with us to see how we can help.