5 Ways Clutter Can Ruin Lives – What to Know

Experts say that clutter is a physical manifestation of a mental issue. However, rarely can one find the strength to let go of the things that were obtained in the quest for happiness. Clutter ruins lives.

If you can relate to such a vicious cycle, you clearly need help. Here are many ways clutter can ruin your life.

It increases cortisol levels, therefore increasing your stress.

Having too much stuff can either drain or frustrate you. The science behind this is that clutter bombards the human mind with excessive stimuli. The senses get overworked all the time on stimuli that are not necessary or relevant.

It triggers health issues.

One of the many health issues is the low quality of respiratory health. Clutter stores dust that wreaks havoc on an asthmatic person’s health. Pneumonia or bronchitis then follows when asthma is triggered and the airways inflamed. Clutter can cause severe breathing problems.

It puts your family’s life in danger.

Clutter is a fire hazard. They’re a sitting tinder that immediately catches fire. Moreover, they block windows and doors, making it hard for anyone to escape.

It is a mess that will contribute to failure in other aspects of life.

Studies have shown that clutter is closely related to procrastination. Someone’s inability to toss and sort through items because it takes time will also have a hard time facing essential decisions in life, such as paying bills on time. Severe procrastination is linked to depression and low self-esteem.

It decreases productivity and even puts you in debt.

A different study has shown that clutter affects a person’s productivity so bad that it renders the person incapable of focusing on a task. All the clutter that surrounds a person stand as a competition for every goal that must be accomplished within a given time.

Moreover, because you have too much clutter before you, you won’t be able to find critical little things, such as the electricity bill. As a result, you won’t be able to pay on time, and the penalties will accumulate.

You must seek help

If you’re facing a clutter problem, you shouldn’t be ashamed to seek help. Several de-cluttering experts can help you sort the things you need from the things you don’t. If you need help lifting heavy stuff, you can always hire professionals to do the clearing for you.

House clearance professionals will help you get rid of your clutter, fast. Their services will make the ordeal much easier for you to bear. Saying goodbye to stuff that have important accompanying memories, but aren’t useful any more can be easy. House clearance professionals can help you transition to a healthier life.


Clutter can ruin your life. It can also affect the lives of the people living with you. There’s no shame in seeking help if you have clutter problems. Get rid of your stuff one by one. If it’s too hard for you to accomplish, hire the services of a professional house clearance provider. They can help you clean out your property in an organized manner – get in touch with us today to see how we can help.